WiseDriving Car Insurance Reviews

WiseDriving is focused on providing unexperienced and young drivers with low premiums through the use of a special black box.

Basically, it monitors driving performance and sends its results to a special app.

Better driving decreases the premium paid by consumers, while worse driving increases it.

Read this WiseDriving car insurance review to find out more.

Why Choose WiseDriving

With a black box policy, your everyday driving is monitored through the use of a telematics box installed in the car.

wise driving car insurance reviews

If you drive sensibly and carefully, you will end up with a cheaper coverage.

  • The better you drive, the less you pay;
  • Telematics car insurance provider;
  • Instant cover and installments are available;
  • Free Theft Tracker is included.

Website: https://www.wisedriving.com/

Important Facts

There are many extra product options available to drivers.

You can benefit from 24/7 claims services and other excellent features to ensure that policies can be easily tailored to suit your needs.

For example, drivers can choose from:

  • Courtesy car;
  • Windscreen cover;
  • RAC breakdown cover;
  • Personal belongings;
  • £75,000 legal cover.

Everything starts when WiseDriving installs a black box in the car to measure your regular driving and determine insurance quotes.

Telematics are used to provide all clients with a driving score that will cause their premiums to either fall or rise.

The main idea is that your premiums can be lower because the insurer understands how you drive regularly.

So, if your road performance is good, you’ll be rewarded with great discounts.

There are many positive customer reviews that prove the benefits provided by WiseDriving options.

This insurance is targeted at younger drivers who often face high costs.

Premiums can be made on a monthly basis in installments, but the instant cover is available.

All policyholders can benefit from a 24/7 claim line and free theft tracker.

Cost of Coverage

How much does the coverage cost? This question is often asked by consumers interested in WiseDriving car insurance.

It depends on many basic factors such as:

  • Car type that you drive;
  • Place of your residence;
  • Your age;
  • How you drive regularly.

The final cost of your car insurance is calculated based on all the above-mentioned factors.

What about the quotes offered by this car insurance provider?

There are some notable differences in quotes that all consumers can find, including:

  • Higher premiums for 40-year-old drivers at about £1,177;
  • Lower car insurance premiums for young drivers at £976.

Looking for the best car insurance?

Are you a young and inexperienced driver?

In this case, the coverage offered by WiseDriving is perfect for you.

Take advantage of lower premiums compared to average policies and end up with great savings if you drive carefully and your road performance is great.

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