Wage Day Advance Reviews

Wage Day Advance loans is a long-standing and professional short-term money lender.

It operates in strict accordance with the law of Great Britain and lends money on maximally comfortable terms.


This kind of service can be of great help for those who have run low on cash when their payday is still far off.

To make it easier for employees to get through to the next salary, some employers agree to pay salary advances.

This is just part of the entire monthly paycheck, and it is paid ahead of the set pay date.

However, not all bosses are that good.

Such a service can be a salvation for those who have to face unexpected bills or material damage and need cash immediately.

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For example, if your salary day is the 5th of the next month, and now it is only the 10th of the current month, and your kid has smashed your neighbor’s window.

wage day advance review

Your company does not pay advances, and your neighbor says he/she will not wait for 25 days.

Many find borrowing from their relatives embarrassing.

Then there is only one way to go: opt for payday loans.

A loan can have an individual term until you get your salary and can pay back.

How WageDayAdvance Works

According to numerous customer reviews, WageDayAdvance is a popular choice.

There are several reasons for that, such as the following:

  • The company provides short-term loans 24/7 via the Internet and over the phone;
  • It takes minutes to accept, consider and respond to applications (unlike traditional banks);
  • Not being too tough on delayed payments;
  • Not having to pay application fees;
  • Setting interest rates in strict accordance with the law and as directed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), not exceeding 0.8%;
  • Customers can keep track of their payday loan status all the time;
  • WageDayAdvance will thoroughly check customer’s solvency and not seek to smother one in debt.

Be Ready for Credibility Check

A trustworthy lender will do its uttermost to make sure its clients are solvent, and WageDayAdvance is not an exception.

They realize that their service is not for everyone.

Therefore, the following is mandatory:

  • A customer has to be a UK citizen;
  • He/she should be at least 18 years old;
  • His/her monthly income should amount to at least £500;
  • He/she should have one or several accounts at reputable banks;
  • Have a permanent IT and phone connection and stay in touch with the lender;
  • Inform the lender about any difficulties arising in the process of payback;
  • Inform the lender about any changes in his/her employment status.

An experienced borrower wrote in his review that it is in every customer’s benefit that they follow these simple requirements, which will help them not sink into debt.

Rates depend on the size of the loan and term.

WageDayAdvance loans sets rates keeping with the FCA regulations that were accepted in 2014.

It has stopped numerous greedy lenders from charging extortionate compound interest rates.

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