Sunny Loans Reviews

Sunny Loans offers a number of credit options for people of all social layers.

Headquartered in the UK, it operates in many countries.


One of the first things it is famous for is its flexible approach: the Sunny Loans company will not charge a big fee even if you are late on your payment.

According to customers’ reviews, the company ranks 9 to 10 on the 10-point scale, which few loan-granting organizations can boast of.

General Information about

  1. The lender receives, considers and responds to applications immediately.
  2. The application form is very simple, and customers are not required to share personal information.
  3. Customers are not charged for application, administration services or even late payment. The only fee is the interest, which is accrued on a daily basis and does not exceed 0.8%.
  1. It is possible to access an account at any time and monitor one’s payday loan Early repayment is the best way to reduce costs.
  1. Those who later realize they should not have made a borrowing have five days to return it. This sort of withdrawal is not penalized.

sunny loans reviews

Expect Little Query

Sunny Customers can apply for a sum ranging from £100 up to £2,500. will lend a sum based on a client’s credit history and on how affordable the loan is for a client in each particular case.

The repayment term and interest rate will depend on the size of the loan.

When applying, clients are expected to answer questions concerning their financial status (revenues, expenditures, etc.), credit history and employment, as well as information about places of residence over the past three years, banking and credit/debit card information.

People with bad credit records may not get an approval.

Who Can Get a Loan? is a British company, so it is imperative that a customer has at least one account at the UK bank.

A monthly net income should be at least £500.

Finally, all clients have to be UK citizens of at least 18 years old.

The lender requires that customers have a stable phone and IT connection and stay in touch with the company all the time.

This information is collected to make sure that a customer can afford a loan and can repay it without a hitch.

As a rule, applications are reviewed within 15 minutes.

If approved, customers get their money within an hour or so, depending on transfer time.

Because the lender operates 24/7, customers will get their money even at weekend or during holidays.

What Are the Rates?

Interest rates are defined by the size of the sum borrowed and loan term.

For instance, a loan ranging from £100 to £1,000 (with a 6-month payment term) will result in 24% monthly rate.

With £1,100 to £1,500 borrowed for 7 months, the monthly rate will be 21%. £1,600 to £2,000 taken for 9 months will result in a 16.2% monthly rate.

Finally, if a customer borrows £2,100 to £2,500 for the term of 14 months, he/she will have a 10.5% rate. Loans offers convenient repayment options.

Those who would like to pay back more quickly should enter their accounts and specify the payday loan.

The sooner they return, the more money they save.

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  1. how many sunny loans can i have?

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