Smart Pig Student Loans Reviews

The company Smart pig loans was founded in 2012 by Tom Parks and Shreiff Benaziza, who, as students, faced the problem of obtaining a loan.

According to their experience, lenders treated the students not honestly, and made poor decisions on loans.

Young people have created a company that provides short-term loans to students that can be used until receiving the next student loan.

Thus, the new company has become an excellent alternative to university payday loans.

The founders of the company believe that they have achieved great success in lending due to the new technology of student loans.

smart pig reviews


Smart pig loans offer to borrow up to 350 pounds to the next student loan.

The minimum deposit, fixed rate, and the availability of a grace period have made the company quite popular among a large number of students.

This is a company that offers Smart pig student loans exclusively for students.

These are short-term loans, which differ from payday loans because there are no additional fees for late payment, as well as other commissions.

Since Smart pig loans are intended for students, you do not need to be a homeowner or have a permanent job to obtain a loan.

For this reason, Smart pig provides students with small amounts of loans that will help them to have money before the next student loan.

Interest payments on a Smart pig loans are 0.8% per day and grow daily to a maximum of 50%.

Thus, even if you pay the loan after 3 months (the maximum loan period is 6 months), you will pay a maximum of 50% of the interest payment.

So, in order to save money, pay the loan as early as possible.

How to obtain

There are certain conditions for obtaining a Smart pig student loan – you must be a student at a UK university, receive a Student Loan or grant, be over 18, have a bank debit card and be a resident of the UK.

To receive a loan, you must fill out an online application form on the company website. On the same day, the loan amount will be credited to your bank card.

The maximum loan size is 350 pounds, while new users can get 250 pounds. Loans are issued 7 days a week and are free of charge.

Payments on the loan are taken from your debit card.

If you have issues with the timely payment of a loan, please contact the Smart pig team, all contacts can be found on the website.

This will help you to avoid additional payments for an overdue loan.

Smart pig helped a large number of students by providing the necessary loan amount for a short period of time.

Thanks to this you can find various positive reviews about the company.

Of course, there are people who are opposed to this type of lending, but university students in the UK use the services of Smart Pig Loans often enough.

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  1. This is actually a creative option for students who need assistance to start them off. I took off a few years and I am planning on going to a university next year. I have saved but I still will need help. Someone had recommended Smart Pig so I was doing my research here. I guess I have to wait to apply, like I have to be signed into a university before hand?

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