Satsuma Loans Reviews

Satsuma serves an exclusive way to successful experience. Learn detailed information about them.


Satsuma is a dependable lender with years of experience.

The company offers clear personal loans for a short term without any hidden charges or fees.

The company is aimed at customers’ convenience and comfort, so it provides innovative services to help you get the required funding.

Due to Satsuma loan review, it is one of the most reliable options that help you survive during financial difficulties.

Satsuma offers short-term loans for the customers with any purpose, credit history or other issues.

satsuma loans review

After a simple and fast application process, you are likely to receive the required sum of money an hour after the confirmation.

Generally, a person can select the necessary amount of money, ranging from ₤100 up to ₤1,000 for different terms.

Another important advantage of the service is a chance to pay off the loan not only on a monthly but on a weekly basis, as well.

An individualized approach is the thing that usually attracts customers to Satsuma loans.

Fair deals, clear terms and conditions, helpful support group and other specifications contribute to reliability of the financial company.

Features and Other Specifications

Even having bad credit history, you have an opportunity to receive an instant loan with Satsuma Company.

Besides, there is a range of other points that make the platform stand out in the crowd, including:

  • Small loan amounts equal to ₤1,000 maximum, with the further increase up to ₤2,000 in case the client meets the requirements of the affordability check;
  • Individual repayment method and term, selected personally by the customer;
  • Constant support both online and through the phone;
  • No extra fees guaranteed.

Since there are no other charges and fees, you need to pay back just what you have taken, plus interest rate.

The interest rate may vary greatly, depending on certain peculiarities.

However, the maximal representative is 15.75% APR.

To apply for this short-term loan you need to undergo a few simple steps, such as:

  • Choosing the loan, its terms, conditions, repayments and other specifications;
  • Applying for it by filling an application form with the required information;
  • Waiting for funds. According to Satsuma review, the money will appear on your bank account within an hour. The repayment can be automatically taken from your debit card via Continuous Payment Authority.

2 Reviews

  1. Offers short term loans without any hidden charges or fees. Probably one of the most reliable companies out there offering a good service.

  2. Satsuma loan product is really one of a kind, very innovative. I think some other credit institutions should design loan products that can compete effectively in the industry.

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