Saga Car Insurance Reviews

Saga Car Insurance is offered by a company based in the UK that features a range of insurance services.

It has a long history and good reputation.

If you want to purchase auto insurance, you should read further to find out more about this company.

About the Company

Saga was established in 1959. It focuses on providing various insurance services for people aged 50 or over, and this mainly determines a premium.

Saga Car Insurance

The company has a range of industry awards and more than a million clients, who are ready to pay a little bit more for quality services.

The website of the company is user-friendly and has lots of useful information.

They have several phone numbers that you can choose depending on the questions that you want to ask them.

For claims, they have two phone lines (inside the country and from abroad) available around the clock.

You can use “My Saga” section on their website to manage quotes, holiday booking, and insurance documents.

What Do They Offer?

Saga Car Insurance offers the following policies:

  • Third party. Saga covers claims made by a third party, including legal liability and legal protection. You can use your insurance in the EU, and it is also valid for a person who has a full driving license to use your car in case of a medical emergency;
  • Third party fire and theft. It includes the mentioned above benefits as well as cover in case of loss or damage to your vehicle due to arson or theft. It also includes cover for equipment;
  • Fully comprehensive. It covers damage to your car even if no third party is involved and a range of other benefits.

It is up to you, which policy you want to choose, but the most benefits, you will get if you purchase fully comprehensive, including the following:

  • Vandalism cover;
  • A guaranteed replacement car;
  • Uninsured driver cover;
  • Cover in the amount of up to £500 in hotel and traveling expenses in case of an accident;
  • No claim discounts;
  • Unlimited audio/visual cover;
  • Cover for personal belongings in the amount of up to £1,000;
  • Sunroof and windscreen repairs for free;
  • Cover for cars not more than 1 year old.

Additionally, you can purchase the following extras that you can add to your policy:

  • Higher personal accident cover;
  • Premium legal protection;
  • Accident healthcare assistance.

What Do Customers Think of Saga?

Generally, the company receives both positive and negatives reviews, but most of their clients are happy with their services and would recommend them to others.

Its policy score is 76 percent, and its customer score is 67 percent, and which is pretty good.

There is a range of reputable websites, where you can check what customers think of this company, and read any review to find out more information.


If you live in the UK and want to find a reliable company to purchase auto insurance, you can consider Saga.

Saga Car Insurance allows you to enjoy a range of discounts, quality services, and good customer support.

9 Reviews

  1. Sure I can not tell you how disgusted I am with Saga and the conduct of Lyons Davison solicitors following an accident in February 2015 where one of your clients was injured in a rear end collision, leaving him needing bilateral hip surgery and surgery to his right hand. He has needed full time care since the accident and to date he has not had any help to pay his carer. I have been caring for your client for 132 weeks doing at least 70 hours a week and as a friend I set the fee at £250 per week which was agreed with your solicitor I would like to know why my fees have not been paid as I’m sure you agree this is not an unreasonable expectation. I have tried to speak to the solicitors about this and have had a very rude responce to my enquiry this is not acceptable. All in all I find that this matter has been handled in a very unprofessional way and would actively discourage people from useing your company. I will be interested to hear your thoughts on this matter.

  2. Absolutely awful been waiting a year to sort an insurance claim out go elsewhere

  3. Hhmm interesting comments becausr ive heard great things about this company.

  4. I’ve been considering moving to Saga Car Insurance. After reading some of the reviews I’d welcome any feedback about any positive aspects to this company.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about the problems people are having but I can’t praise them more…They’ve been brilliant.

    They made a couple of mistakes but from first contact – before I or the customer service person even knew of it – they have been excellent. Jacqueline was like a Terrier getting things investigated for me and Dan is going above and beyond by making extra phone calls to my previous insurer to change details on a database. Thank you team and bloomin’ well done!

  6. Saga is a Mickey Mouse company! I have a police with them and to start with, they put the wrong car on it. Now I’ve just found out that it was due for renewal four days ago. Nobody has responded to my e-mail or phone calls, so I still don’t know whether or not I’m insured!! My last phone call was this afternoon, when I was told that everyone who could help had gone home. It was 4.30pm! Their paperwork says open until 8pm. Never, ever, buy your insurance from these work-shy, inept charlatans!!

  7. First year premium low just to get you, second year sky high……i would not use this company ever again.

  8. Have you well they have ripped me off big time as a pensioner I will never trust them again

  9. We recently changed our car. When I rang to get policy changed over, policy price almost trebled to just under £900 per year for an 11 year old car.. I have 12 years no claims bonus as well..!!

    We shopped around and got cover with another company for less than half that price.

    They are now charging me £83.59 for cancelling the policy, even though they left me with no choice. It’s legalised robbery.

    AVOID USING THIS will get ripped off.

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