Privilege Home Insurance Reviews

If you want to protect your home, you may think of purchasing Privilege home insurance.

It is important to check all of their conditions, make sure that their customer support is helpful, and that this company has a good reputation.

Below, you will find all the needed information to decide if you want to purchase this insurance.

About the Company

Privilege Insurance has been operating since 1994, offering car and home insurances.

It is part of the Direct Line Group, and their policies are underwritten by UKI.

This company was chosen by 600,000 customers in 2016.

Privilege Home Insurance

Most actions you can do through their website or by calling their representatives, such as:

  • Upload your documents for insurance;
  • Make changes in your policy;
  • Add another party to your home insurance;
  • Request quotes, etc.

There are two phone lines dedicated to either general claims or emergencies (available around the clock).

What Do They Offer?

They have standard and platinum insurance.

Standard offer includes:

  • New for old items;
  • Buildings cover (up to £1,000,000);
  • Replacing locks in case of stealing or loss;
  • Contents cover (up to £50,000);
  • Contents in the garden (up to £1,000);
  • Frozen foods cover (unlimited);
  • Alternative accommodation.

Privilege allows purchasing extras for an additional amount, including:

  • Legal protection for family;
  • Accidental damage;
  • Emergency cover.

Platinum includes:

  • Contents cover (up to £100,000);
  • Unlimited buildings;
  • The increase for contents cover for special events (up to 10%);
  • Content in the shed, garage, and summer house;
  • Personal items outside of the house (up to £5,000);
  • Contents in the garden (up to £2,500);
  • Replacing locks in case of stealing or loss;
  • Business equipment (up to £10,000);
  • New for old items;
  • Legal protection for the family;
  • Cash in the house (up to £1,000);
  • Emergency;
  • Accidental damage;
  • Alternative accommodation;
  • Matching suites and sets.

All in all, you will be able choose the right policy with the needed covers.

Customer Reviews

Privilege has high rating on a range of reputable websites.

For instance, on one of them, it has 374 reviews and the overall ratings of 4.28 out of 5 stars, which is pretty good.

86 customers would recommend this company for home insurance.

At the same time, there are websites rating this company very low, for instance, 1.3 out of 10.

Some independent researchers give the company high ratings.


Privilege Insurance can be considered as an option.

It has lots of positive reviews, high ratings from independent researchers, and good conditions.

It is important, though, to pay attention to a range of negative reviews.

Each review may give you more information about that, so spare some time to read them.

All in all, Privilege Home Insurance can be recommended.

2 Reviews

  1. Freezer foods and garden contents?! My current company doesn’t do that…

  2. Privilege Home Insurance is a pretty good insurer. I’ve been with them for years and would recommended.

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