PiggyBank Loans Reviews

An exclusive chance to receive the required sum of money instantly with PiggyBank Loans.

Personal Loans by PiggyBank

PiggyBank is a dependable financial platform, which is defined as an approved and appreciated UK lender.

The company guarantees simple process and transparent conditions for Piggy Bank loans.

New clients can apply for ₤100-₤1,000, while return customers can receive an extended loan equal to ₤1,500.

However, the option is provided only for a short term, so that the customer cannot rely on constant financial support or big financial solution.

The company helps cover unforeseen expenses, such as car fixing, medical assistance and others.

PiggyBank Loans

Another specification of the loan is its flexibility, as you can take it for 7-35 days. Once you require money for a longer term, you can apply for an installment loan that can be paid off within 2-5 months.

Additionally, you can save on interest rates, paying the loan back earlier.

Since PiggyBank guarantees no early payment fees, so you are not likely to lose anything.

The primary concern of the company is comfort and convenience of clients, thus, it strives to inform you about the interest rates, daily payments and other fees you will have to cover even before you apply for the loan.

Thus, each client can estimate approximate sums using an online calculator available on the company’s website.

Application Process: Eligibility and Related Specifications

Despite the company does not require an excellent credit score for the client to be qualified, your ability to pay off the loan is important.

After you have filled in the application form, the online system will assess your credit history, checking the affordability of the payday loan you have chosen.

Besides, several other factors will be considered during the process.

Once your financial power is confirmed and you are approved for the loan, you will receive funds to your personal bank account within an hour.


Being among the most reliable lenders, PiggyBank promotes all the innovative services and features.

Customers can take the advantage of cooperation due to several factors, such as:

  • Direct lender with no brokers;
  • No extra costs and charges;
  • Rapid online application for convenient PiggyBank short term loans;
  • Absence of hidden fees;
  • Numerous repayment variants;
  • Flexibility and individual approach.

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  1. What an incredible product by Piggybank. This is true banking –my opinion though. Taking banking to the grassroots should be the paramount interest of financial organizations. Great works, Advice Loan!

  2. I like that there are no middle men here trying to slap in some hidden fees. So many loan places do this and it drives me nuts! I am going to send through my application before I head off to bed. I want to see what they offer me and if they can be of any help. They sound like a promising company. My sister actually got a loan through them last year which is why I was doing my research.

  3. They are looking for fees up frount

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