Lloyds Bank Car Insurance Reviews

Lloyds Bank Car Insurance service makes the Top 10 motor insurance providers due to its helpful customer support, decent courtesy car arrangement and a good value for money ratio.


Customers are offered to earn a 10% discount for the first year with the standard insurance programme when getting quotes and buying a policy via Lloyds’ Internet Banking.

The insurance scheme comprises both basic third party cover and comprehensive policy, which can be supplemented with multiple optional extras.

lloyds car insurance reviews

It offers a choice from:

  • Comprehensive cover
  • Third Party Only cover
  • Third Party Fire and Theft cover

Basic Covers

The comprehensive auto insurance covers legal liability for death or injury caused to other people, as well as damage to their property.

It also includes car protection from loss, vandalism, accidental or malicious damage, fire or theft, and replacement with new car in case the lost or damaged is not older than 1 year and its repair costs more than 60% of the cost of buying an identical new.

A courtesy car can be delivered in accordance with terms and conditions. A 3-year guarantee is given on all approved claims repairs.

Unlimited payments are provided for original audio, navigation and entertainment equipment, while £500 will be paid for any other equipment.

The comprehensive auto insurance comes with glass damage protection (unlimited if the repair is carried out by an approved supplier) and payment of up to £100 for personal belongings, lost or damaged.

Up to £200 can be paid in medical expenses for each person injured in the insured car due to an accident and £5000 – for death, total loss of sight and permanent limb dysfunction.

No claims discount and legal liability cover when traveling abroad are provided for each Lloyds’ insurance scheme.

Third Party Fire and Theft cover adds protection from fire and theft to Third Party Only terms.

Optional Extras

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cover that allows using a replacement car for up to 28 days if a customer’s car is crushed, stolen or damaged as a result of fire, theft or an accident.
  • Keycare Cover providing payments for locksmith charges and other expenses associated with loosing key.
  • Breakdown Cover includes 6 levels of cover and ensures various kinds of assistance on the road and at home.
  • Motor Legal Protections provides legal assistance and cover for up to £100,000 of legal expenses.
  • No Claims Discount Protection saves 4 or more years NCD allowing 2 fault claims within 3 years.

Also, Lloyds Bank Car Insurance offers annual or monthly premium options.

5 Reviews

  1. Does comprehensive cover allow me to drive any other car & still be insured.
    I am the only insured person for my own car.

    • It’s usually written on your policy if you have “open driving” insurance or not. The best way to find out and have peace of mind is to contact your insurer.

  2. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your car from incidents other than crashes. This generally includes coverage for theft, vandalism, broken windshield, damage sustained from hitting an animal or from falling objects or missiles, fire, floodwaters or severe weather damage etc. Lloyds Bank Car Insurance service is probably one of the better insurers around for dealing with claims.

  3. Love the glass damage repair. Im always getting nicks in my windshield from the freeways. Its really helpful!

  4. I want to change my insurance on my new car

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