HSBC Business Loans Reviews

Business cannot be successful without investing money in it, and the first problem start-uppers face when setting up their business is where to get money.

Actually, there are several options, but the most widespread way out is taking a business loan.


HSBC Business Loans – one of organizations providing such loans is HSBC banking and financial service organization.

It’s a huge company which states its objective as “to be the world’s leading and most respected”, and it sticks to this idea strictly.

hsbc business loans

Business loans from HSBC are variable to fit the requirements of different clients.

What Is Special about?

HSBC offers its clients loans from £1,000 depending on the type.

Although each case is individual and conditions might be changed, traditional types of loans provided by HSBC are the following:

  • Small;
  • Flexible;
  • Commercial Mortgage;
  • Overdraft;
  • Asset Finance;
  • Enterprise Financial;
  • Partnership Capital.

As you can see, a wide range of options allows HSBC clients to choose exactly what they want.

That is one of the reasons why, according to HSBC business loans reviews, its turnover is about £2 million.


The most popular type of loan is small business loan the amount of which ranges up to £25,000.

This loan might be taken for the term of 1-10 years.

Interest rates are fixed, from 5% to 7% with an additional payment of £100 as an arrangement fee.

Another popular loan is flexible one. It allows customer to define nearly every loan condition, including term, amount, frequency of repayments and even the type of interest rate.

It means that you can choose either a fixed or variable interest rate, term of the loan up to 20 years and monthly, annually or quarterly payments.

The sum available for the loan is £10,000 for limited companies and £25,000 for partnerships and sole traders.

Also it’s possible to make your loan secure or unsecure as you wish.

HSBC bank business rates here are dependent on the sum and options you prefer.

  • Commercial mortgage is designed for companies which are planning to expand or develop. It might be taken for 2 years and more, up to the term of 30 years with fixed or variable rates. The sum of money borrowed is to be at least £25,000 and the maximum sum might reach 75% of the company property.
  • The most affordable loan is business overdraft loan, which rate is just 3%, and it’s only for the money used by a borrower. However, it’s secured and in case of an inability to pay it off you risk losing your property. The term is one year, and after this term the borrower has to renew it.
  • There is also Asset Finance which is similar to the one mentioned above, but it’s more specialized and given to companies for buying new equipment or modernizing the old one. The initial sum of loan is £100,000. The interest rate may be variable or fixed.
  • Enterprise Financial is the hardest to get. It can last from 3 months up to 10 years. It’s secured and includes additional payments, like arrangement fee, in addition to interest rates. It allows borrowing the sum of money between £10,000 and £1,200,000.
  • There is a special Partnership Capital loan for eligible firms. The interest rates are variable or fixed, the maximum term is 30 years.

Pleasant Things

HSBC business benefits are specific for each type of loan mentioned.

With Partnership Capital loan you will get customized competitive interest rates, an ability to get an interest-only loan and enjoy a succession support plan.

Within Asset finance clients are supplied with technical and financial advice, as well as help to structure capital expenditure.

Those who get Enterprise Financial may rely on the government and obtain a chance to get a possibility of secure funding in case of previously declined applications.

Other benefits include LIBOR-linked rates, payment holiday, ability to track payments and easy arrangement in most cases.

When you start looking for money for business, it is worth remembering that all the HSBC loans are flexible, and bank clerks will help you to choose the most beneficial way to develop your business or start one with the help of its loans.

3 Reviews

  1. Managing business is not an easy task, since you always need some refreshments, significant purchases and other issues. So, applying for HSBC Business Loan I knew the way I would spend each pound. Thank to the policies of the company, I managed to get extra discount and other individual benefits.

  2. I was under the impressions that HSBC loans were strict and impossible for anyone in financial binds to work with! This has been an eyeopener for me. I was speaking with a woman I work with who talked these loans down. I need to get one to pay for my car repairs. This actually sounds like a good option for me!

  3. While other lenders and banks denied me in the loan for my brand new business, I was qualified in other service and got HSBC business loan without any concern. The company features an exceptional approach and helps each and every client, providing the best options. Currently, my business is on the peak of its effectiveness, and it is all happening only due to HSBC’s support and timely funding.

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