Erudio Student Loans Reviews

Erudio Student Loans is a financial services company that provides student loan management services that were received by students from 1990-1998.

About Erudio

The company was founded in 2013 and is a follower of Student Loans Company, whose loans it takes care of.

The company’s goal is to serve, support and help people who received student loans in 1990-1998 and have problems with payments.

Thus, the company has no right to issue new loans, only to serve existing customers and receive payments on loans.

Erudio Student Loans

Erudio is acting in conjunction with the authority of Arrow Global’s Financial Conduct Authority and is committed to maintaining high standards of professionalism and integrity in order to help clients find the best solution to their circumstances.

Most customers (more than 40%) do not have the possibility of timely and full payment, since the amount of their monthly earnings is less than the amount of payment on the loan.

It is this circumstance that creates certain problems for creditors.

All students who received loans at the Company in 1990-1998 are obliged to continue paying loans to Erudio Company.

In accordance with the Regulations on Education of 1998, creditors cancel the responsibility for payments in the event of your death, disability that led to loss of efficiency, or if you made timely all payments on the loan and were under 40 years of age, and when the last Payment you have reached 50 and above years.


For clients who earn under the threshold to repay the loan, the company offers a loan deferment.

This is the process of delaying repayment of the loan for 12 months. If your income is less than 2500 pounds, then you can apply for a deferred loan.

Online application is made out on the site in which the applicant indicates the amount of his income and encloses the relevant supporting documents.


Most of the clients of this company are concerned that they are not able to pay loans and they cannot receive a deferred payment.

Some customers have complaints about inappropriate work of Erudio Company.

Such complaints can be filed directly on the company’s website.

To do this, fill in the appropriate form.

The company will review the complaint and suggest ways to solve the problem.

However, due to a large number of complaints and negative reviews about the work of Erudio Student loans, various law firms began to provide assistance services to the company’s customers.

These firms help the creditors to find out their rights, properly file an appropriate complaint, compose emails, as well as cases in which all documents relating to the complaint are stored.

3 Reviews

  1. I will love to confirm the eligibility of international students for Erudia student loans.

  2. Unemployment stuck me out of no where. I was curious about the options within deferred payments and I am glad you mentioned that here. I need to have more options myself given my situation. I will continue looking on to see if I can find a better option for myself. Reading the mixed reviews online is making me second guess Erudio a bit too much.

  3. this company are con men no matter what info they ask for they wont deffer payment
    they are including benefits in the amount including child wtc housing.
    these were never included in SLC and they only asked for a 2 page form
    the new con company wants info that means they can take out fake loans in your name
    they bought them at discount price and now there screwing people who cant afford to pay them with threats

    they can rot and die

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