Diamond Car Insurance Reviews

Diamond car insurance may be a good choice or young women who live in the UK.

It has lots of benefits, but it is also important to check whether they have any downsides.

Here, you will find the initial information about the company, and its auto insurance to understand if their offers are good for you.

About Diamond

The company was established in 1997, and today it is part of the Admiral group.

Since 2000, they have been offering to check their quotes online.

The company features car insurance at lower premiums for women based on the fact that women are more careful drivers.

In particular, women aged 17-24 years old make 14% fewer claims compared to men. They allow young women to save £311 on auto insurance.

diamond insurance review

The Quality of Their Website

Today, more and more clients are interested in using online services because they are convenient.

The website of Diamond is user-friendly and comes with a nice design. You will find it very easy to navigate throughout it and find lots of useful information, such as:

  • Standard policy documents,
  • Charges and payment information;
  • Key facts; and others.

On their website, you will find various contact options, including phone numbers and email with exact working hours.

What Does the Company Offer?

Diamond Insurance features a comprehensive policy, which includes the following benefits:

  • Courtesy Car (you can use it while your car is being repaired);
  • Around the clock helpline;
  • Handbag cover in the amount of up to £300;
  • Child car seat cover in the amount of up to £300;
  • Audio cover in the amount of up to £1,250 or 15% of the costs of your car.

The company has on offer various policy upgrades, which allows their clients to find the needed cover at the best price.

Along to Diamond, it is also possible to obtain discounts on other types of their services, for instance, travel and home policies.

A Diamond no claims bonus is also available as well as a bonus accelerator (full no claims bonus can be obtained after ten months).

European cover is included in all policies.

What Do Customers Think of the Company?

There are lots of reviews on the company available on the Internet, including both negative and positive.

Negative reviews are mostly related to slow settling claims, problems with payments, poor customer service, etc.

Anyway, on one of the reputable review sources, this company is recommended by 74% customers.

In 2013, this company was the last in the list of forty different insurance companies, according to Auto Express Driver Power Survey, but it was several years ago, which should be taken to attention.


This company is a good choice for women who appreciate quick services, good conditions, and various discounts.

It is important to note, though, that certain doubts about this company do exist, based on some negative customers’ reviews.

That is why you should carefully check their conditions before you buy Diamond car insurance.

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  1. That handbag cover should be something all companiea cover. Thats just amazing! Glad to see someone thinks women are good drivers ?

  2. My daughter has her insurance with Diamond car insurance. It’s seems to be working well for her so no complaints.

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