Debenhams Car Insurance Reviews

Debenhams Car Insurance is an ideal and reliable instrument to get the best insurance for your automobile which will perfectly suit all your needs for everyday trips and abroad voyages.

In this review, you`ll get all the necessary info concerning all the company`s services.


Debenhams is an exclusive representative of Eldon Insurance Services Limited.

The Financial Conduct Authority regulates and licenses its activity.

It is one of the most reliable and verified international brands based in the UK.

The company has offices in 28 countries and deals with various types of credits, insurances, stores, and other financial services.

Debenhams proposes everyone to get the fullest protection of your automobile and other pleasant bonuses connected with this issue.

The company offers to take out any policy with them, and they promise to present you an exclusive Debenhams gift card worth £50.

debenhams car insurance review

What does a customer receive?

Important note!

The company obliges every customer to provide a copy of the Driving License Summary from the DVLA site to guarantee all client`s details are correct.

Moreover, clients need to present both the rare and the front of driving license photo card.

All scanned copies should be emailed to

Debenhams guarantees you that if there is an accident with your car or yourself, the company will take care of this issue.

In particular, they offer the following:

  • The company guards both your automobile and passengers with Third Party Theft and Fire cover;
  • The company covers all expenses on medicine (up to one hundred pounds with comprehensive cover);
  • Ninety days car insurance for traveling abroad;
  • If an accident covered by a client`s policy happens (while a repairer fixes a car), the company offers a client a courtesy car;
  • £50 Debenhams award card with every policy included.

Debenhams car insurance for traveling abroad

Every company`s client is a resident of the UK.

The automobile also has a UK registration.

Therefore, your Debenhams car insurance policy mechanically covers you to travel to any of the EU member countries.

In this case, the company provides you with the minimum type of insurance.

The policy is valid for 90 days (only for pleasure, social, and domestic purposes).

Getting a quote

To get a quote, please go to On this page, you will find all the necessary fields for you to fill to get to know your quote.

You need to point out personal details and particular pieces of financial information.

To sum up

In numerous client` reviews, you can find plenty of positive feedbacks concerning Debenhams service.

If you need efficient and reliable car insurance either in the United Kingdom or abroad, you can easily use Debenhams Car Insurance service.

In their reviews, thousands of company`s clients have already verified this service and given it only the excellent marks.

Thousands of clients cannot be mistaken. Check it yourself when there is a need.

2 Reviews

  1. Today i was pulled by the police for no insurance. I had them call Debenhams as i took insurance with them just yesterday. When on this call they told the police i wasn’t insured….yet i was, i am the policy holder and main driver yet they told the police i wasn’t. The police proceeded to take my car and start issuing fines and points. But the officer gave me one last chance to call Debenhams myself to see whats going on. On that call the advisor confirmed i was insured.
    The stress caused through this was unbelievable! How can the advisors be so incompetent, im sure this wasnt the first officer to call! The distress caused to me was unnecessary and avoidable had the advisor known what she was doing!

  2. DO NOT BUY Debenhams Car Insurance. £25 cancellation fee is disgusting, it would not have cost them anything to cancel my policy, it had not even started. When I phoned they were rude a
    nd when you email they do not acknowledge your complaint or answer your questions. Take my advice and avoid, saves time and money in the long run!!

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