Charter Savings Bank Reviews

If you are looking for a way to save your money, you may consider making a deal with Charter Savings Bank.

They offer conditions for clients with different needs, so you can check them out and find the best option.


The bank was established in 2015. It is a UK bank that focuses on savings and offers competitive rates.

The Charter does not have any branches, and if you wish to use their services, you should call them or apply online.

Charter Savings Bank is part of CCFS that specialises in mortgages and savings.

Since the bank is covered by the FSCS, the first £85,000 that you deposit are absolutely safe.

charter savings bank reviews

What Do They Offer?

They offer the following types of accounts:

  • Fixed rate bonds;
  • ISAs;
  • Notice accounts;
  • Easy access.

You can choose fixed rate bonds if you do not need to withdraw your money for some period of time ranging from 1 to 5 years.

During the entire period of the deal, you will have the same fixed rate of interest, which is usually higher than for other accounts.

Bonds belong to limited edition accounts, and this means that they may be withdrawn at any time.

AER for such accounts ranges from 1.51% to 2.01%.

Fixed Rate Cash ISAs may be considered if you do not need to use your money for a certain period of time.

They are ideal for people interested in tax-free savings. AER for this type of account is 1.50%.

Notice accounts are perfect for short-term or medium-term savings needs.

The Charter offers you to enjoy good interest rates on money that you can withdraw without financial penalty, but only after warning the bank about your intention about 30-120 days before doing that. 120 Day Notice account comes with AER of 1.26%.

Easy Access accounts are perfect for people who want to have immediate access to their money.

Although these accounts do not come with the highest rate, they offer flexibility. You can open such an account for any period of time.

Everything is very easy because there is no need to wait.

You can put some money into your account when you want it, and you can withdraw your money when you need it.

AER for these accounts is 0.50%.

What Do Customers Think?

There are few online sources where you can find several customers’ reviews on the bank. The numbers of negative and positive reviews are nearly equal.

Although the bank has not been working for many years, it is still a good sign that it does not have a great number of unhappy customers.

According to one review, the client did not understand the conditions of the bank, which may be not its fault.


Based on everything mentioned above, you can try to use the services of this bank. You can start with opening an easy access account to check the quality of their services.

Also, it is recommended to check reviews on Charter Savings.

3 Reviews

  1. Charter Savings Bank is a good way to save your money. It’s worked for me so I would recommend them.

  2. There interest rates are amazing. Best around!

  3. This has been a life-saving bank for me. I can boldly recommend them to anyone. they allow me to save my money for a long time as long as 4 years without a single fear in my heart.

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