CapQuest Debt Recovery Reviews

Capquest is the leading provider of credit solutions.

The company was founded in 1985 in the UK.

Its experienced experts assist its clients from various countries in developing working solutions to any of their financial situations.

This review will help you to get only the necessary information on Capquest activity.


The company`s headquarters is located in Farnborough.

The subordinate office is based in Glasgow (opened in May 2013).

Presently, more than 360 daily help you to cope with financial problems.

One of the biggest purchasers of non-performing accounts in the UK, Arrow Global Group Plc, regulates and licenses Capquest activity.

The company has already helped more than 130,000 customers to get out of debt.



Capquest customer portfolio includes the most reputable and reliable providers of credit services in the United Kingdom.


These are:

  • High street lenders;
  • Banking institutions;
  • Credit card companies;
  • Loan firms.


Debt Recovery operates in two following ways:

  • Capquest can purchase a debtor`s account and call him/her with the demand to pay back the debt.
  • One of the Capquest clients hires the company to manage its debtor`s current credit.

In both cases, a debtor is connected by a company`s representative and offers to develop the most suitable plan which can help to pay back the loan.

All debtors use a company`s “Customer Portal” ( to check all the details of their payment plan.

As a result, a polite, professional, and friendly policy is one of the most efficient instruments to make happy both debtors and their creditors.

Work with customers

As a credit solution provider, Capquest operates on behalf of mortgage firms, leading high street banks, mobile phone networks, and utility companies.

The company`s specialists get to know its clients` needs and, therefore, help to find the most manageable and realistic ways to pay back their credits.

Numerous reviews about Capquest activity have already proved that the company helps its customers to return their financial health.

Experts offer various payment schemes and help to develop individual payment plans so that it is convenient for a debtor to pay back a loan.

Payment methods

Debt Recovery offers to choose one of the following payment methods:

  • Online payment (by Visa/MasterCard, credit/debit cards);
  • Pay by post (by sending a cheque);
  • Pay by phone (by calling Capquest automates system on 0333 999 7200).

Customer support

The Capquest support team is one of the most friendly, experienced, and intelligent.

A client can get help with managing his/her credit using one of the following means:

  • Email;
  • Telephone;
  • Online contact form.

To sum up

Having read the review, now you know that Capquest is a reliable company that can be used to help you improve your finances and pay back credit.

The company`s trained experts can assist you in finding the most appropriate financial solution for you quickly.

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