Barclays Home Insurance Reviews

Barclays Home Insurance Review considers complete range of covers protecting buildings, possessions and personal items

Barclays Home Insurance comes in a wide range of covers including both building and contents covers that protect customers from loss or damage of their property.

This allows choosing the best option depending on customer’s needs, as well as combining options and adding specific covers like Home Emergency or Legal Expenses.

Barclays Home Insurance

Review of Basic Covers

The building cover is aimed to recover customer’s losses caused by extreme weather, fire or subsidence.

It provides for unlimited compensations for rebuilding and repairing customer’s home structure (if a building features up to 5 bedrooms) in case of loss occurrence and covers reconstruction of outdoor facilities, like pools, paths, gates, etc.

Also, it includes up to £2 million payments covering the cost of claims raised against a customer and resulted from injury or property damage.

Up to £100,000 can be paid for an alternative accommodation. As additional services, protection against accidental damages and no-claim discount allowing 2 claims within 5 years are available.

The contents cover allows insuring customer’s possessions against loss, theft and damage.

This includes specifying single valuable items up to £20,000 without specifying single items that cost less than £2,500.

Unlimited cover up for matching items is also provided. Besides, the insurance covers damage caused by removal companies, as well as keys and locks replacement.

Additional options offer protection for non-household things while they are in customer’s home or household things temporarily removed into student accommodation in addition to the above mentioned no-claim discount and accidental damage protection.

Review of Specific Solutions

To meet the specific needs of different customers Barclays developed the following covers:

  • Building landlords cover to protect a property intended for rent out;
  • Starter contents cover that allows choosing any affordable coverage between £2,000 and £15,000;
  • Student contents cover to protect student’s possessions while they are in student accommodation.

When customers choose a cover and learn the quotes, they can add some of below listed covers, which are available only when bought with an above cover:

  • Personal items and money insurance against loss, theft or damage while outside customer’s home, including abroad, with a flexible level of cover from £250 to £20,000;
  • Gadget cover that protects multiple portable electronic devices from loss, theft or damage and provides for mobile phone replacement in case of its breakdown outside the manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Bike cover that includes bicycle replacement and public liability insurance in addition to flexible coverage from £250 up to £3,500;
  • Sports equipment cover protecting specialized clothing and equipment at home and out of it.

Note that Barclays Home Insurance provides for multi-cover discount and Barclays Blue Rewards.

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