Barclays Bank Personal Loans Reviews

If you are in search of financial support to cover unexpected expenses you failed to pay, you can view Barclays Bank Personal Loans as an innovative and exclusive solution.

The time-tested and approved lender guarantees fair cooperation with clear interest rates, repayment terms and without any penalties and extra fees.

Investigate on the conditions and terms of the loan before you apply.

Personal Loan Review

Generally, personal loans here feature a wide spectrum of services and beneficial specifications, including:

  • Attractive loan limit – up to £50,000;
  • Repayment terms that vary from 24 up to 60 months;
  • Reasonable APR, ranging from 7.3% up to 22.9%.

However, all the features, terms and conditions will depend on the information you mention during the application process.

If you want to get the necessary amount of money and stay safe, you can check possible rates and conditions using an online calculator.

Fill in the required information and investigate on approximate interest rates and terms you can expect.

barclay personal loan


Personalized approach and high consideration to customers is the top concern for the company.

As the institution cares for its borrowers, it provides top offers at affordable conditions for them, irrespective of credit history and related issues.

However, there are still some requirements the borrower should meet to be eligible for the loan:

  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Have Barclays account, card or mortgage;
  • Be the UK resident.

At this point, you can apply for the loan and have high chances of getting moderate rates.

The only things you need to do are apply for the loan, fill in the requested information and verify it, expect the mentioned amount of money to appear on your banking account.

Apart from beneficial rates, terms and conditions, you will get:

  • Price guarantee;
  • Opportunity to choose payment term;
  • Fixed monthly payments;
  • Top options;
  • Early repayment chance and others.

Use Barclays Bank Personal Loan for any personal purpose, except for business issues, timeshares, gambling, property purchase, investments and repaying CCJs.

Get the maximal advantage of the loan, taken from the right financial institution.


Amount Term Monthly repayment Total amount payable APR
10,000  36  £298.78  £10,756.10  4.9%
15,000  36  £448.17  £16,134.15  6.8%
30,000  60  £594.98  £35,699.08  7.3%

4 Reviews

  1. Fantastic review! I was debating on which bank to go with and this helped a lot. I know the previous bank I was with swindled so much money from me at no fault to my own. Some banks can be downright criminals when it comes to loans. I will have to see if I qualify for one. Looking to put a down-payment on my first home!

  2. I have a Barclay credit card and they really helped me raise my credit score up. Never thought about a possible loan with them. Definitely something I will consider.

  3. You never know when you need extra money on emergency cases. However, Barclay’s personal loan is always there to help with it. It happened to me about a year ago, when I got in trouble and needed a great sum of money. Easy qualification, reasonable interest rates, preferable terms and conditions – it is everything I remember about the company. Top recommendations!

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    above 750

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