Advantis Credit Reviews

Advantis Credit was founded in 2004.

It is one of the most reputable debt collection companies based in the United Kingdom.

The firm specialises in debt purchase, collection, and management.

This review is aimed to through the light on the company`s leading options concerning credits.


More than 260 Advantis`s employees serve over 2.2 million clients yearly.

Among the company`s customers, there are the most significant UK companies from such market sectors as government bodies, utilities, finance, and retail.

The company belongs to the Services Association.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority regulates and authorises the company`s activity in the industry.


Credit LTD specialises in debt collection.

advantis credit

It has already helped plenty of companies with working solutions to recover their debt problems.

In numerous professional reviews, the company has already been called the leader in the industry.

Presently, Advantis offers the following solutions for debt collection.


Advantis offers debt collection services for various types of businesses.

There is an exclusive “Client Portal”.

It provides the ability to screen online the progress of debt return.

Another option is to use “Online Self-Service Portal.”

It allows debtors managing their credits themselves.

Moreover, Advantis provides legit and liable collections services at all phases of the credit management.

The company`s experts can gather all the data about a client, manage information, and connect a client directly.

Debt purchase

Advantis has recently implemented an option allowing purchasing non-performing client debts.

There are certain advantages for companies who decide to sell obligations of their clients:

  • You can get your cash instantly which will be positively reflected on your current balance;
  • You will not have to waste both your resources and time to demand a loan payback.


The company offers such an option as credit management services for the debt collection.

This option must be used in the early stages of your collections activity.

Advantis itself can conduct this service, or you can do it by yourself using the company`s resources.

Advantis credit management service aims to recover customer accounts and recuperate overdue amounts.

Payment means

You can pay a loan directly at website using two options:

– Pay online. You can use your credit card to pay a loan online.

– To do it, some personal and financial information must be fulfilled;

Alternative ways to pay. Instead, you can pay using one of the following means:

  • Bank transfer (credit/debit card);
  • Barclays Pingit service;
  • Direct Debit (call on 01782 401100).

To sum up

Advantis Credit is one of the most reliable debt collection companies in the UK.

If your client refuses to pay back a loan, you can pass that account to Advantis.

The company`s specialist will do their best to have a credit paid.

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